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                                                          'YenllyYours is about my life , passion of mango and real Thai' 

           YenlyYours started in 2010 , our family business is a mango farm's owner. We grow up and live with mango the whole life. We believe that Thai mango honey is the best so, we are looking forward to share the original taste of mango in variety kinds of drink and dessert remains the real Thai concept. It becomes YenlyYours. 

          After we doing a brand shop , we found that so many people addict to it ,locally and aboard. We decide to step further to be a global brand with the passion "To spread across the world". With our passion and effort to create menu base on mango , thanks to all supporters , currently we have 3 countries and we promise to bring Thai brand to the world remains strong as ever. 

           Moreover we expand business path to an exporter. We are expertise of mango and being a partner with all over farmer in Thailand. We are willing to help, develop and increase the quality of Thai agriculture business. 

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